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Jan 3 2018, 12:18 AM
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things were getting complicated at this point for zach. he was still hooking up with roxie, which was mind boggling in the first place, but they weren't actually an item. at least they'd never made anything official. if anything them hooking up just kept randomly happening. she was still a prissy princess but it wasn't like he could help who he slept with. maybe if he was a bit smarter about things it would be easier but he was constantly around her. being on set did that. which was why the latest script was giving him a hard time. their characters were becoming an actual couple and playing things a little too close to how they were when alone together was not going to look good.<br><br>

zach had managed to get through the scene but now he was sitting in his trailer feeling like an idiot. he really had to get a grip on things. the last thing he needed was for anyone to think he was actually with roxie. they would think that it was an actual relationship instead of getting that it wasn't that. rather it was just a reoccurring hookup. he didn't even like her that much. zach groaned in annoyance as he laid down on the couch face down, trying to figure out how he was going to get his shit together.

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Nov 5 2017, 04:39 PM
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it was time to kick things off right! the show had been renewed for another season and they had just finished their first day shooting. if that wasn't a cause of celebration zach didn't know what would be. honestly it seemed a bit like a dream to be on such a show with a great cast and hell, he was in maui. what was there to complain about while living in paradise? plus he was so faraway from everything else going on that it seemed like he was in his own little bubble. of course he truly wasn't but that didn't matter. he was going to have fun that night because the next day no one would really be expected to be one hundred percent. all the cast and crew were at this party. surely someone was live streaming it as well for the hell of it. zach made his way around making sure to say hello to people and downing a few drinks because he deserved them. that's when he spotted roxanne though.<br><br>

he got along well enough with roxanne of course but the fans were just making things a little more difficult. apparently shipping was a thing and the fans wanted their characters to get together. it just got to be a little annoying when his social media blew up because there was a photo of them together on set. they acted well enough together too so it wasn't the worst possible idea, just annoying. 'rox!" he called out as he grabbed a set of drinks and walked over to her. "how's my favorite costar?" he questioned, "i brought you a drink. don't tell me you don't want it because you deserve it. plus it's for a good cause, our celebration of getting to a third season. i'm not taking no for an answer." zach grinned as he held out the drink for her and took a swig of his own.

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Nov 2 2017, 11:43 PM
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<br>an actor just trying to find his way while living in paradise. zachary didn't exactly always want to be an actor. sure, it makes for a great story to tell when he's doing promotion for a show on different talk shows and in interviews but if he could have he would have just gone far away from home. thankfully acting provided that for him. zach was never the best student in school. he wasn't the worst but he was just lazy and unmotivated. it didn't help that his parents were divorced and wanted to have the other claim responsibility for him and his upbringing. so he was often just trading places back and forth between his mother and father while dealing with their new significant other. he was often going to different schools in new cities and states so he learned to be more outgoing. it was easier to make friends that way. plus everyone wants to know more about the new kid so he learned how to lie easily. no one cares about a sob story of divorced parents but suddenly they care when you talk about what caused your to move if it involves the government or a mafia. the lies he told were all for fun, nothing major and nothing harmful. it wasn't as if anyone was going to find out the truth anyways.<br><br>

one of his teachers in high school suggested he try theater and he figured why not and gave it a shot. it wasn't as if he enjoyed constantly joining a basketball team only to have to leave after playing a handful of games. acting came naturally to him and you could just say after being scouted at a show the rest was history. that isn't the case though because of course with acting came a certain amount of fame. there were commercials, tv spots, and special appearances but soon enough he was being offered roles on actual shows and sitcoms. suddenly his parents wanted to be more involved with him and that's when the fighting began. zach hasn't spoken to his parents since he separated himself from both of them in court. it is all part of the agreement that was signed. his father had tried to steal his identity while his mother was trying to use his name to her advantage. he changed his last name and cut off all ties to them after that.<br><br>

hollywood can be lonely without family or friends around to be supportive. that's probably why it was so easy to turn to drinking and making friends with whoever. he can save the lying for when he acts on tv but even to those who think they know him they don't know the full truth about who he is.


<p>friends he likes to party, he likes to talk, and he likes to have fun. there will be no problems with the friends department. he can easily strike up a conversation and enjoys the limelight thanks to his tv show that's currently on air. it doesn't take much to be his friend, save for not prying into his history but most never do. there are far more interesting things to talk about.


<p>foes come with the territory. zach got picked for a role instead of someone else or vice versa. it can all seem petty but sometimes landing that one hit show can really make or break a career. he doesn't really hate anyone although he can certainly butt heads with someone who is just as stubborn as himself.


<p>lovers as an actor he's always dated someone new almost every other week or two. he's never been someone to settle down with just one girl. maybe he just doesn't feel like they deserve his trust or he just has some other issues thanks to his parents and constantly lying. either way he's more than happy to flirt and show a girl a night out on the town. just don't expect the relationship to last long.

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