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<br>bitches ain't shit and they ain't sayin nothin a hundred motherfuckers can't tell me nothing i beez in the trap. Caleb is the heir of an international company that was built up by his father. His mother made her own fortune as an actress. As a result, Caleb was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He doesn't actually want to inherit his father's company. He'd rather be a photographer and do his own thing, but that sadly isn't reality. There's no one else to take it over in the family. Instead, Caleb does it in his own free time. He's primarily done the things his parents asked of him- they told him what to study, who to befriend, and so on. His parents have much more plans in store for him, but even he has a limit. Even so, he isn't someone who does things without planning first and he's pretty tightlipped about himself.


<p>friends First things first, Caleb is someone who generally speaks his mind and says what needs to be said. He's always been a prideful man too; he's been raised that way in the first place. He is a social butterfly though, always fluttering around to meet new people and befriend those his parents want him to meet. He can be charming and easy-going when he wants to be. But that's mainly a facade with his parents around. To the people he's close to, Caleb will joke freely and tease them from time to time. Even though he's a social butterfly, he's pretty tightlipped about his own private life.


<p>foes He's a rich, selfish, prideful, blunt, prick. What isn't there to hate about him? He's not easy to get along with outside of his wealthy kin. He often fails to see his own flaws and points out other's shortcomings, especially to people he can't stand. Appearance means a lot to him and he doesn't want to look bad, for reasons beyond his parents' expectations. For obvious reasons, Caleb certainly needs a reality check.


<p>lovers He hasn't had anything serious and whatever he had never lasted longer than a month, To put it simply, this is just a messy section for him. He's just difficult to get along with beyond his fake persona and being quite an emotionally constipated person. Caleb has seen his fair share of self-serving people and at this point, he can see right through it. That being said, there are certain expectations from his parents that they want to see fulfilled...

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