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wyatt was excited to have some time off work and the fact that he wouldn't have to spend that time either alone or with his coworkers was an added bonus. it wasn't as if he didn't get along with them but sometimes a little change was needed. the fact that he was going to go hiking with amelia made it even better. sure, they had hooked up after the night at the bar but that wasn't what he usually did. he wasn't some leech who just hung around tourists for a hookup. he really did enjoy her company and she obviously enjoyed his. they were getting together again so that was a good sign. at least wyatt took it to be a sign in his favor. he'd thrown on a pair of swim trunks that weren't the standard red for lifeguarding along with a surfing t-shirt he'd found at one of the local shops. his tennis shoes were his best bet for a hike considering barefoot didn't sound that appealing with the rocks and waterfalls they would see. once he was ready he made his way towards the hotel.<br><br>

it was kind of strange to walk in the hotel lobby and not be stopped to answer a question. his usual lifeguard outfit gave him away to tourists so they thought he had the answers to anything and everything that they could imagine. he took the elevator up to amelia's floor and walked over to her door. plenty of people were all ready out and about for the day so the floor seemed empty. wyatt knocked on the door saying, "your favorite is here." it was a joke of course but she had kept true to her word of keeping him in her phone as favorite lifeguard. he'd have to think of something to put her in his phone as.

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this is all a fairly loose plot and everything i say is basically an outline. i'd love to discuss more of it with you if you decide you want to take it because it can honestly be so much fun. so in short wyatt here was born rich and was basically a brilliant investor back in new york but of course he got involved with the wrong company who did some insider trading without his knowledge so he's lost everything along with his family. he's out here in hawaii working as a lifeguard just so he can have a job and a place where no one knows him.<p>

now here's where <b>amber</b> comes in. <b>amber</b> is from some foreign country (canada,
u.k., anywhere really) and is really high up in her business that she's created. she lives and breathes her work but her time is running out on her visa to be in the u.s. so she can't finish what she has started. that can be more investors or whatever you want it to be. it's up to you really.<br><br>

so she's rich but needs a way to stay in the u.s. while wyatt is broke and just needs the money to support his sister finishing college and trying to rebuild his life. i'm thinking that wyatt and <b>amber</b> meet while she's here in hawaii on vacation or something like that. you know,
she goes out into the ocean, nearly drowns, and he saves her. they start talking because wow,
the other is actually pretty hot. then comes the suggestion of a marriage because it will benefit both of them. now from there it's all up in the air but i'd love for them to sort of fall in love with each other but there will be problems. we can discuss those in depth later. all i ask is that you please stick around and not leave me! if you have another face in mind just run it by me first please. (:</div>

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Dec 3 2017, 12:48 AM
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<br>oh how the mighty fall when they bite off more than they can chew. wyatt wasn't the one who ruined his own life. that could be attributed to his parents. it's easier to start from the beginning though. wyatt was raised quite wealthy. his dad worked with foreign governments to help keep the peace and negotiate trade deals. name a country and wyatt's family would have been welcomed with open arms. he was raised in new york, not quite in the city but not exactly in the countryside either. his childhood was full of private schools where only the elite and wealthy were welcomed. he excelled in his studies, learning more about money and trade deals to enter in to the same line of work as his father. when it came time for college he stuck close to home because he had his younger sister to keep track of. not that he truly had to keep track of her but he was so used to having his family around it seemed strange to be far away from them.<br><br>

college was a breeze for him. the courses he took all consisted of things he all ready knew. sure, it helped that his father had practically groomed him for success but it wasn't as if wyatt didn't put in any work. so when the time game for an internship he got in with a brand new startup company one of his father's friends had created. most of his college friends went to the company as well considering the company wanted those with the great family names and connections. at the end of the internship he was offered a job and quickly took it. wyatt kept busy with work and dated around a bit. there were plenty of people he was introduced o but marriage wasn't exactly his number one goal. sure, he had the job of his dreams, but there was more work to be done. he wanted to start his own company. almost nine years later and such a dream will never be possible.<br><br>

to explain it in simple terms the company wyatt was working for made some bad decisions including poor deals and insider trading. the worst part is that some of it was done in his name. he never signed the documents himself but someone forged his signature. the whole company fell to pieces in a matter of weeks. the fbi was brought in and everyone inside the company lost everything. wyatt's assets were frozen and he had access to nothing. all the savings he'd ever put together were now bellied out to zero. his own father and mother had participated and were struck down from their life of luxury as well. wyatt's name had been ruined and dragged through the mud so he had to get away. figure things out. one of his friends from college believed wyatt when he explained his situation and sent him away. what was farther from new york than hawaii? no one knows who wyatt really is or about his fall from grace. now he's just trying to work to send money to his sister so she can finish up college.


<p>friends he's a very outgoing guy working at a resort in maui. he's bound to have plenty of friends. whether they are guests at the resort, locals, fellow employees, or anything of the like.he really just likes to have fun even though the cards are down for him at the moment. he has that sort of kind and charming personality that draws people in, not that he can complain. it's gotten him pretty far in life. not that he's fake or anything of the sort. he's more straight up and honest about things than most people but he knows that sometimes one needs to be a little more delicate with certain situations.


<p>foes right now he's angry at his father and the rest of his family. all his old buddies who participated in the insider trading behind his back in his name can just go jump off a cliff as far as he's concerned. other than that he could just be seen as a general nuisance for talking to strangers at all times and being friendly with others. if you have something else in mind let me know.


<p>lovers he's not worried about love at the moment considering he's lost all his financial security and literally has to start over with nothing. he's a thirty year old man working as a life guard. that isn't exactly going to send any woman's heart fluttering.

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