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the flight had been long but aubrey expected that. she had moved all the way to maui for a reason. she had to get away from everything. there were far to many reminders from before and escaping to a tropical paradise on an island had been the ideal solution. amelia was taken care of for the entire week. she was still just a toddler so not the easiest to manage but she loved to play dearly and that was easy. aubrey had been closely following ares' sentencing. she was going to be there when he got out. it was the least she could do after all he had done for her. who else would be there for him if not her? the last thing she was about to do was leave him alone. especially on his first day out. her long flight gave her plenty of time to mull over how she was going to bring up amelia and the fact that she never once visited him. it was a lot but she had to do it. the plane landed with a few bounces but that was the least of her worries. she felt a bit tired after she got off the plane but knew she had a long day ahead of herself yet. after getting a rental car and going to her hotel she fell asleep quickly on the bed. it wasn't the best sleep she'd ever had in her life, but it was enough.<br><br>

the next morning she woke up and showered before dressing up. she wasn't going to have ares see that anything was wrong with her because everything was fine. or rather she hoped that everything would be fine. she drove to the prison and put the rental car in park. she'd made sure to get the same make and model that she'd driven before ares' got locked up, just to give him some sense of everything being fine and normal. aubrey got out of the car and stood waiting outside the giant fenced off gate. she began holding her breath intermittently as she waited, checking her watch every few seconds almost willing time to go both faster and slower. it had been too long and there was so much to say. so many words needed to come out but when she saw ares her breath got caught in her throat and every word in her head disappeared. he looked the same as before, not that she had expected him to change drastically but she could never be sure. prison had done a number on plenty of people. she hurried over to him, as if he could be taken away again, and nearly jumped into his arms. "i missed you." she said as she squeezed him tighter. tears were forming in her eyes but they were happy tears so she didn't mind them.


<div class="heartlines-credit"><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=1139">&hearts;</a></div>
Jan 4 2018, 05:34 PM
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<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=12"><div class="template"><span style="color:#a9ce8e">AUBREY JULEs POWELL</span></div></a>
<div style="width:380px; height:300px; background:url(https://i.imgur.com/wNBxyzL.png?1);"></div><div style="Width:340px; background:#fafafa; padding:20px; font-family:'Carrois Gothic'; font-size:9px; color:#000; text-align:center; text-transform:uppercase;">bree . 33 . reporter . human . deborah ann woll</div>
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<br>sometimes the truth is worse than anything else in the world. aubrey always knew what she was getting into when she first met ares but she accepted him unconditionally nonetheless. there was her bad habit again of rationalizing things for other people. when they first got together things were great. she was living on cloud nine being so in love with ares and being promoted within the paper. things came crashing down though when she was kidnapped and beaten. at this point most all of it is a blur. there were a bunch of masked men who grabbed her and threw her in a van. she tried to kick and scream or even user her pepper spray but none of that came in handy after they bashed the side of her head and she went unconscious. when she woke up though she was in a dimly lit room and could only hear her captors saying that they were doing this for ares. that of course meant they knew they wouldn't be able to get ares themselves or they were too scared to. so they went for the next best thing, her.<br><br>

she was beaten up quite badly, so much so that her right eye was swollen shut, a few broken ribs, and plenty of cuts and bruises. her captors dumped her on her own front door when they were finished with her. she wasn't able to do much but did manage to call ares on her cellphone and he of course came running. after being rushed to the hospital by ares she wasn't sure what to do. she was pregnant, but after the beating she had endured aubrey didn't want to say she was pregnant if she had lost the baby. it was still early so it was a possibility. she tried to talk sense to ares. to get him to see it wasn't worth it to go after them. at least not yet. but he did so anyways. after finishing business with them he was sentenced to jail and aubrey was left all alone.<br><br>

while ares was away aubrey discovered she hadn't lost the baby. she couldn't bring herself to visit ares though because the last thing she wanted was for him to feel even more guilty about being locked up and put away in jail. so she left and moved to maui. it was an easy transfer because just had to get away with amelia. to keep her safe of course. instead she just sent ares articles that she'd written and kept on top of his sentencing. now that he's out though she isn't sure how to tell him the truth about their daughter because he can't go back to his old ways. she can't have him like that anymore.


<p>friends aubrey loves the company of others. she usually tends to find the good in people, rationalizing their own poor decisions for them. it's probably a bad habit for her but that isn't the worst thing she can do. sometimes being a reporter means seeing the story from all sides and angles. since having her daughter amelia she's been focusing more on raising her and trying to do the stay at mom bit while also working from home.


<p>foes she's a reporter. surely there will be people who don't like her for the news that she is sharing. or she's just really angered you to the point that you write her a letter. either one of those options is acceptable. or you're one of those who don't like ares. sometimes there just is no escape from people who hold grudges from the past.


<p>lovers aubrey's taken. surely you don't want to mess with ares. she'd rather not have him go to jail again so just don't try. you'll be safer and happier that way.

<div style="Width:340px; background:#fafafa; padding:20px; font-family:'Carrois Gothic'; font-size:9px; color:#000; text-align:center; text-transform:uppercase;">pluto. 25 . mountain . cbox/pm</div><div style="width:380px; height:20px; background:#MEMBER GROUP COLOR;"></div>
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