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Jan 14 2018, 12:01 AM
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<br>"When Gods have spats humans pay for it.". Being a demi-god is never a simple thing but then you take into consideration of what had to happen for a god to lay with a mortal. Well let's just say that Sadako is a product of one of these times. The daughter of Ebisu and a mortal woman. Sadako grew up with her mother. She would swear though that she saw her father in her dreams. She was an incredibly lucky child getting kidnapped once and getting away in time to get back to her mother and the police and tell them what happened and to help other children like herself. She grew up on Lani. When she was younger to would spend time with her grandparents in Japan. They told her once that at the temple of Ebisu she said her first word. Or rather the first word her grandparents had heard and she had said daddy. Of course she wouldn't know until later how true that particular word was. But then again explain that to a child that had just started talking and grandparents who were bewildered though their daughter had never told them who their grandbaby's father was.

<p>She grew up happy and really never had anything to complain about save maybe her older brother who's father had walked out on her mother. So her birth wasn't so much a surprise to her grandparents. Still her big brother was probably her biggest annoyance and yet biggest protector too. Their mother worked long hours and hard to raise them. So they worked just as hard to be good kids as well. They were accepted into a college down in Texas. Her brother of course entering college first. When she game in she was ready to get down to studying. However, that didn't seem to exactly be in her brother's thought process. She however, prevailed and worked hard towards goals in linguistics. However, that didn't last long as her brother brought her out to a party one night. Trying to get her out at least. And that party had the cops called. While they didn't get caught for anything. Their mother called them home once she found out.

<p>Sadako had liked texas it was different from home but the only other school that she knew would take her was the school in Maui and she was more than happy to transfer over. Though she's not too sure why her brother would ruin their hard work in the states. She is back to doing her own thing and her brother just managed to squeek out her degree and start his post graduate studies. But before he does that he's sticking around in Maui doing some work to keep an eye on his sister. Little do they know the reason for the shennagins in texas is now here in maui. And that's going to be fun to deal with.

<p>friends Sadako is one of those girls that has a lot of people she knows but only a few close friends. She isn't much into the party scene but she will go to keep friends safe. She is friendly and a secret keeper and extremely protective of her friends. Of you are chill and down to earth you are her people. She likes those who work hard too. She is not opposed to making friends with any and everyone. She is one of those girls that might not always realize people are looking out for her too.


<p>foes Sadako doesn't actively seek to make enemies no one really does right. However, she does have them and they are generally the people that just rub her the wrong way or that have in some manner of speaking betrayed her. She doesn't take kindly to being walked all over as her calm personality tends to get walked all over. But she does not want to have more enemies then is proper for someone who is actually kind at heart. There are people she rubs the wrong way too and some she doesn't even realize.


<p>lovers Sadako has had all of one boyfriend in her life time. She's also had one girl friend in her life time. She doesn't believe that she can be loved but that's merely because both of those break ups hit her pretty hard and she just hasn't been looking for love since but that's not to say she does not have crushes she's just a little too shy and a little to scared to actually go after any of them in a huge way. But she will do the subtle things because she does that without even realizing. She just want someone she can keep up with and that can keep up with her. Someone who will protect her but also get her out to do things she never thought she'd do.

<div style="Width:340px; background:#fafafa; padding:20px; font-family:'Carrois Gothic'; font-size:9px; color:#000; text-align:center; text-transform:uppercase;">Lily. 29 . GMT-8 . Pm or Discord</div><div style="width:380px; height:20px; background:#9d8ece;"></div>
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