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Nicolas considered himself fortunate when his manager, Estelle, finally stopped all the pressure on exposure and all that after he arrived back from men’s fashion week in Italy. His schedule was more lax, something that he thanked his managers profusely and she waved it off, saying he deserved it right before booking him a photoshoot for new a line of swimwear on the beach. He sighed because what else could he even do, but he dealt with it anyway only to get it out of the way. At least the new line was nice and comfortable. At least the weather was pleasant and Nicolas liked being on the beach. Granted, he preferred going to the beach on a day off. But the beach was better than being stuck in building for hours on end. Not to say that being on the beach didn’t take hours either. Because it did.

<p>He sighed quietly in relief when the photographer spoke out that the shoot was over. It took longer than they all planned, especially since it was close to seven. Everyone was beginning to wind down including Nicolas himself. It certainly was a long day for all of them. It didn’t take Nicolas long to change back into his regular clothes and he was able to relax. But it was yet another incident when Nicolas hadn’t taken Colette with him, so he walked to the entrance of the boardwalk and sent a text to Ashton, asking to pick him up yet again. He didn’t think Ashton would mind and they had the same destination anyway.

<p>Nicolas knew it wouldn’t take long to get to the beach, especially if Ashton came by on his motorcycle again. He would be lying if he said that he didn’t enjoy riding the bike with Ash. Especially at night when it was just a little calmer than it was during the day. Romantic things like that, Nicolas ate that up like he was starving. He leaned his back against a pole, waiting for a response. He checked some new updates from his friends on social media and all that. There was crunching behind him, of shoes on loose gravel. He didn’t think too much of it, probably one of the crew members or someone else that was on the beach. It wasn’t long after that he received a response from Ash and he put his phone back into his jeans pocket. The steps stopped behind him and another set of feet were close by. Nicolas checked the time one more time and was caught off guard when he felt splitting pain at the back of his head, making him see sparks before his eyes, letting out a cry of pain. Another blow at the same spot happened before he could even turn around and Nicolas fell to the ground, his phone cluttering by him before it was grabbed in haste and Nicolas was dragged off.

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I was going to send you a cute thing Azura did and I typed out your name. Except autocorrect decided it was time to play games.

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So it changed Ash to Ass.

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I laughed so hard that it scared her and she ran away from me :(

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<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=12"><div class="template"><span style="color:#ce8e8e">NICOLAS ALEXANDER FUENTES</span></div></a>
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<br>eros, the god of love, attraction, and sexual desire. nicolas is the life of the party (no offence to dionysis of course) and a complete social butterfly. need a wingman? nicolas will be there in a heartbeat. he'll make it possible, one way or another. he enjoys the company of others and it more than helps when he needs to network and shmooze for work. confident, attractive (and knows it). life as a god on olympus was simple and easy enough. he would match the humans down on earth and when he was bored, he'd play pranks on the gods that were nicer to him. he would play with his best friend and playmate, who happened to be a human that was whisked up away to olympus to serve as a cupbearer. there was a time in his life when he had a wife for a few years until she broke his trust and left him. that very act left a gaping wound in him. it's been long healed over and it doesn't affect him to a great degree anymore.

<p>but the damage was done and since then, he hasn't bothered with anything serious. despite being eros, he certainly lacks in the love department for himself. what matters is that he's older now and knows better. he isn't as mischievous and naive as he used to be, in fact, he toned it down. he's in maui now and he's having the time of his life in the sand, sun, and water. his job hasn't really changed. he's still pairing people up and even breaking them sometimes. nicolas tries not to get caught in the war between the hunters and the gods, but there seems to be no avoiding it. the good thing is, he hasn't been caught even though he's right in front of the hunters noses.


<p>friends he's the god of love and attraction, for goodness sake! platonic love between friends is definitely a thing. nicolas will always find a way to find common ground with another and do his very best to befriend them. in short, nicolas is an extrovert and will the first person to answer to simply hang out.


<p>foes nicolas has more than seen his fair share of foes. oftentimes, he can't exactly help it. jealous lovers out to get him? he's been there. jealous of his lifestyle? seen it before. he'd rather not deal with it, but sometimes push comes to shove, you know? being charismatic does have its perks.... and so do arrows but only as a last resort.


<p>lovers he comes from a family so deeply embroiled in passion. aries is his father, with a strong passion and thirst for war. aphrodite is his mother whose passion for beauty simply cannot be contained. his parents are of two extremes and nicolas knows it for a fact. he's in love with being in love, but psyche changed everything. nothing could be the same after she betrayed his trust. but flirting comes easy and hooking up makes things a little more bearable. he's not the one who looks for a serious relationship, finding it easier to leave during the night or at least agree to a purely physical relationship.

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