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Apr 3 2018, 06:28 PM
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it had become normal for christian to be the only one running on the track as of late. perhaps it had something to do with the change in the weather. not that it was terribly cold considering they did live on an island but none of the college students seemed to want to deal with a little bit of a chill. maybe christian was a bit strange for preferring to run outside and actually move instead of stay in place on a treadmill only to pretend to move. sure, at least inside one could say that they were warmer but he just couldn't stand the sights around him not changing. he'd rather at least see the football field and the stadium instead of a bunch of other students working out or stare at a tv. plus with so many other people around it was easier to get distracted, which was the last thing he needed right now. the football season was off to a great start and he needed to keep things up. if they had a winning season again that would be another thing to add to his resume if he ever did decide to go pro. that was still up in the air but it was a possibility that he wasn't willing to throw away. he'd come to maui for a reason and he was dead set on making the most of everything he did at the university.<br><br>

with his headphones in and music blasting it was easy to lose a bit of focus in regards to his surroundings. if someone had jumped out at him he would have been startled to say the least. he was keeping up his pace but as he rounded the track once more he realized there was someone else running. was there really someone who was focused on keeping up their fitness routine or was he just mistaken? as he rounded the curve he realized that there was in fact another student running and it was someone he recognized, talia. she was a cheerleader so he saw her plenty of times at games but he'd only ever met her at the events the school put on for their scholar athletes. there was nothing quite like showing off students who were not only good at sports but also academics. that was the whole point of college, right? for some reason he wanted to talk to her, not that he even had a good reason to. she was in the middle of her workout and he would have been annoyed if someone interrupted his, but he couldn't help but run up beside her and match her pace before pulling out a headphone and pausing his music. "and here i was thinking i was the only person crazed enough to be willing to run outside instead of in the gym." he said with a grin, "it's taliaright? you're in the middle of cheerleading right now, right? or have i mixed up my sports?"

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Feb 28 2018, 01:09 AM
Mate, Date, or Hate. Pretty self explanatory. Basically what would your character do to the person above you? Would you be their mate/friend? Date the person? Or just hate them? Or anything else? Also give a reason.




this forum is gorgeous.
Oct 16 2017, 10:24 PM
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<br>the guilt hangs heavy with this one. christian never had it easy growing up. he was one of six kids and to make matters worse he was the baby of the family. everything he ever had was a hand-me-down from one of his older siblings so there was never anything that was ever truly his. each of his older siblings excelled in their education and so he did his best to follow suit. his parents love him of course but in order to provide for the family both his mother and father worked. his father worked for a law office while his mother was a nurse at the hospital working with infants. that left christian to deal with his siblings as his babysitters when both of his parents had to work, which led him to become a little more shy and reserved. he didn't rebel or try and do anything to stick out and be different, instead he read books and completed his studies. it wasn't until middle school where his gym teacher was one of the coaches that he found something to call his own and that was athletics. each of his siblings played instruments or participated in a multitude of clubs but none had been able to play a sport competitively. christian was first picked up for the football team as a running back. although it was middle school athletics it was a start and something that christian looked forward to. after football season was over he found himself playing soccer and then later baseball. even though his parents couldn't come to every single game sometimes his sister jess would be there to be his cheerleader.
<p>because he started playing so many sports he spent less time at home and got to interact with others. his personality started to shine through and he became the outgoing jock in high school. he was still studious and did his best with his academics because he knew he could depend on scholarships if he played his cards right. on the night of his final game during his junior year his sister jess had come out to support him as usual but she never actually made it to the stands. there were far too many faces for christian to pick out his sister so after celebrating the win on the field he went to find her, only to discover she wasn't there. it wasn't until later that evening that he found out jess had been in a car accident and was killed by a drunk driver. christian blamed himself for her death because she wouldn't have been rushing from her job to get to the game if it wasn't for him. jess was the one he had been closest with after he started playing so many sports because she had been the ultimate motivator and cheerleader. with her gone he was suddenly unsure of himself and what to do. he didn't play any more sports for the rest of his junior year, too distraught by her death to focus on anything but his academics.
<p>during his senior year his coaches had enough of his moping and held an intervention of sorts, reminding him that jess wouldn't want him to waste the gift and talents he'd worked so hard on. so christian finished out his senior year winning championships and earning new records. when it came time for choosing a university he was unsure of himself. his siblings had all been spread out across the south but he didn't feel like it was right for him to do the same. instead of going to one of the bigger universities down south he decided to head up west, where people didn't know him or his family. he ended up in maui because they offered plenty of scholarships to cover his tuition as well as a tutoring position that would lead to an internship with one of the professors. he's still not over his sister's death but christian knows he can't mourn her forever.


<p>friends i see many of these. christian is outgoing, loves to play sports, is kind and friendly, and can get along with just about everyone. since he was that shy quiet kid he knows how hard some people find it to talk to others so he doesn't mind starting a conversation. he's on scholarships so he is worried about his grades and doing well in his games so he doesn't party too much.

<p>foes the the athletic guy who should be what everyone assumes a meat head so that may easily make him some enemies because people don't know him. maybe even some friendly competition that has gone a little too far would make for some fun fights?


<p>lovers he dated a few girls in high school but nothing too serious. if anything he still fears getting too close to someone because he still blames himself for jess' death. now he's going to be dealing with a vegas wedding and a jealous ex-girlfriend who he still has feelings for. don't add more drama to his love life.

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